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Volunteer Libraries in Sheffield (VLIS) is a group of sixteen independent Charities, each one operating a Community Library in Sheffield.   As well as lending books, these libraries offer an increasing number of other activities such as cinema clubs, local societies and special children’s events.  About 800 Volunteers across the city are supporting their local library. They bring to the task their passion for books and children’s reading and they keep the libraries clean, tidy and open.  They provide a friendly welcome to all.

You can use your Sheffield Library Card to borrow books from both City Council stock and those owned by your local Library.  Books from other libraries can still be reserved and delivered to the libraries you use.  All the libraries have computers for use by the public and in most cases public Wi-Fi is available.

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Search for your local libray now to see how you can help support them. Whether it’s donating books or volunteering, your local library would appreciate your help.

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Each volunteer library in Sheffield has its own programme of events. To see each library’s events, simply navigate to their website.

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